Why You Should Take a London, Ontario Microsoft Office Course

April 13, 2022

Microsoft Office is one of the most widely used software collections in professional settings. Offering useful tools for organizing and presenting information and data, as well as for creating documentation, Microsoft Office helps companies be productive.

No matter what career you’re pursuing, taking a Microsoft Office course at AlphaLogic’s London, Ontario campus will help you succeed.

What is Microsoft Office?

Several software programs fall under Microsoft Office. You’ve more than likely heard of these programs or used them before in work or school.

The main programs in Microsoft Office are:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • OneNote

Each of these applications is grouped in collections called suites. There’s a suite for home, students, small businesses, and even large corporations. These suites are installed as programs on desktop computers. Depending on the types of classes you’ve taken in the past, or the kind of career path you take, certain programs will be used more than others.

For example, Word is useful for creating text documents, while PowerPoint is used to create presentations. Excel is used for storing and organizing data, and Outlook manages emails and calendars. Publisher helps with page layout and design, as opposed to writing and editing text like Word. Access, while also used for data storage like Excel, provides a better way of analyzing and managing large amounts of data that could be overwhelming in Excel. Microsoft OneNote allows users to take and save notes digitally.

Microsoft Office versus Microsoft 365

While Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office contains the same software applications, the difference between the two is that Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. This means instead of downloading the programs onto hardware, you can log in and access the programs on a shared cloud space. Microsoft 365 enables businesses to manage projects more efficiently.

Benefits of Learning Microsoft Office

Familiarizing yourself with Microsoft Office programs is useful for both personal and professional purposes. For one, you can take advantage of Microsoft Excel to create budgets and track spending. Word can be used to create resumes and cover letters. In a professional setting, understanding Microsoft Office is beneficial for your employability, as well as for succeeding in a variety of roles.

Used By a Large Number of Companies

Globally, millions of companies of all sizes use Microsoft Office. This means that once you’ve learned Microsoft Office for yourself, you can quickly and easily begin working in a new setting.

Starting a new job or beginning a career can often feel intimidating. Having one less skill to learn as you’re starting out can help you gain confidence faster and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. In addition, Microsoft Office skills are essential for your resume, and being proficient with the applications will help illustrate to employers you have the skills they need.

Microsoft 365

Once you know Microsoft Office, using Microsoft 365 becomes simpler. Being able to use and navigate cloud-based programs can help you gain access to remote working opportunities. Which can potentially connect you with great positions outside of your local area.

On top of this, cloud-based services are more convenient than desktop applications because they enable you to access your documents and projects from multiple devices.

User-Friendly Interface

Microsoft Office programs are often user-friendly. After you’ve learned how to navigate one application, it’s easier to jump into learning another one since the interfaces are similar. This helps you get the basics down faster so that you can focus on mastering more advanced features.

If you want to begin learning Microsoft Office with an educational course in London, Ontario, AlphaLogic Career College offers programs that prioritize teaching you the skills you need to begin a new profession. You can learn more by filling out our online contact form.