What Are the Best New Careers at 40?

January 22, 2023

It’s never too late for a career change. Whether you’re looking for something new or have fallen out of love with your industry, you’re not alone. In fact, BNN Bloomberg reports that 50% of Canadian workers surveyed plan to look for a new role.

While more Canadians than ever are changing jobs, it can still be scary and intimidating at any age, especially in your 40s. You may think you have to work harder to establish yourself and may have more financial and family responsibilities to consider. But you don’t have to start from the bottom. You have likely gained various skills during your career or across multiple jobs that can be applied to whatever you decide to do next. Plus, you can always enroll in a program at AlphaLogic Career College to refresh your skills or learn new ones.

This article will discuss the best new careers for 40-year-olds.

Best careers to start at 40

Depending on your situation, you can start fresh in just about any career. However, some of them will be harder if you are truly starting from the bottom in your 40s. For example, becoming an astronaut or a professional athlete is probably impossible.

If you aren’t already working in the field where you want to pursue a new career, it can be harder to acquire the specialized knowledge and practice hours needed. And transferable skills will only take you so far in jobs with a structured path.

But with the right amount of confidence, humility, and willingness to learn, you can pursue any career. Here are some of the best career changes to consider for your 40s:

  1. Event planner. The great thing about event planning is that it’s the same across industries, so you don’t have to worry about technical training. But remember that this field requires meticulous attention to detail and excellent people skills.
  2. Project manager. This job requires the worker to oversee all aspects of a project and ensure it is successful. You will likely need some basic technical knowledge, depending on the industry you enter. The most critical skills for this job are time management, communication, and leadership skills.
  3. Office assistant. If you have customer service experience, being an office assistant or office manager may be the perfect job for you in your 40s. You’ll be required to manage all aspects of the office — including answering phones and emails, ordering supplies as necessary, and managing calendars and events for those working there. You’ll need to ensure your Microsoft Office skills are up to date. And if they aren’t, you can take the Administrative Assistant course at AlphaLogic to brush up on new skills.
  4. Freelancer or consultant. Many career changers find success as entrepreneurs. With this, you can use your current skills but will be responsible for running your own business. You have to be sure that your skills are in demand and have a list of potential clients willing to hire you. Consider doing some homework on the pain points potential customers might have that you can solve. And be prepared to constantly add new skills and expand your understanding of related issues around your services.

Enroll now for a fresh start

If you’re thinking about changing careers at 40, it’s never too late. All our students started out just like you, and they’ve prospered just like you will. Enroll with AlphaLogic now. A fresh start has never been so possible.

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