What Advanced Office Skills Do You Need for a Promotion?

October 22, 2022

Advanced office skills are required for most positions because they increase productivity and efficiency. And having the right advanced office skills can put you in line for a promotion. This article will explain the advanced office skills you will need to continue to advance in your career.

What are advanced office skills?

Advanced office skills are administrative skills that an employee can use to help an office run smoothly. These skills can be used to schedule appointments, greet customers, provide employees with resources, and ensure the office is functioning correctly. Employers often expect administrators to have experience or knowledge of basic skills before they hire them.

These skills allow office administrators to be better equipped to exceed and anticipate supervisor or employee needs. They can also help customers and visitors feel welcome by providing a friendly presence.

Why are advanced office skills essential?

Companies need administrative staff who possess advanced office skills. The reason why is that most office administrators are responsible for scheduling, organizing, and handling customer relations. They can also be the first face that customers see when entering an office. Having a professional office administrator allows a company’s performance to remain successful.

Advanced office skills that employers look for

When employers are looking for administrators, they will be looking for advanced office skills that can help their office thrive and run smoothly. These include:

  • Computer literacy skills: Most of an office administrator’s time is spent at a computer. Employers look for administrators with knowledge of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to input clerical data and information such as customer information, company performance data, and office inventory. Knowledge of Microsoft Word or Google Docs can help an administrator write reports and record minutes from meetings.
  • Organizational skills: Office administrators are responsible for organizing documents and assignments that may be confidential. To this end, they need to know how to file, store, and source each item. Administrators are also responsible for ordering office items like staplers, printer paper, and folders.
  • Strategic planning and scheduling skills: Offices need someone to handle strategic planning and scheduling for everything to run smoothly. Office administrators tend to be responsible for scheduling meetings, events, and customer appointments for the entire office. This requires a high level of strategic planning to ensure all schedules align and do not conflict.
  • Time management skills: Office administrators need to be flexible with their time. That’s because while some tasks are planned, others may be unexpected. There may also be times when assignments or tasks must be completed under a strict deadline, which is where time management skills come in.
  • Verbal and written communication skills: Office administrators are often the first point of contact for new clients entering a store or office. They also answer questions and phones, schedule appointments, and greet customers. It makes sense that written and verbal communication skills are required for companies to thrive.
  • Detail-oriented: While mistakes happen, office administrators are often the first line of catching issues and correcting them before a client sees them. This requires administrators to be detail-oriented in checking the facts, grammar, and tone of employee correspondence and work.

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