Student-Centered Approach:The Heart of AlphaLogic Learning

December 5, 2019

As a career college, AlphaLogic education is rooted in a student-centered approach. As opposed to educational institutions that implement traditional approaches to college teaching, where professors monopolize class time lecturing, our student-centered approach to learning involves utilizing the following methods:

  • Active learning: Students are given opportunities to formulate questions, answer questions, solve problems, explain, discuss, brainstorm, or debate in every class.
  • Cooperative learning: Students collaborate and work together in teams to make projects or solve problems. Aside from promoting positive interdependence, these exercises also teach individual responsibility and accountability.
  • Inductive teaching and learning: Induction involves the application of inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, case-based instruction, discovery learning, problem-based learning, and just-in-time teaching. Just-in-time teaching is a two-step learning process. First students submit assignments completed independently. Then, the instructor reviews and marks them "just in time" for the next lesson, adjusting the curriculum as necessary to accommodate students' understanding of the previous material. 

Student-centered learning has consistently been shown to have superior outcomes compared to traditional teacher-focused modes of instruction. These outcomes encompass assessments involving long-term retention and short-term mastery, as well as the development of creative problem-solving skills, depth of understanding of course material, level of confidence in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, and critical thinking, and the formation of positive attitudes toward each subject learned.

AlphaLogic programs

Benefit from our student-centered approach by enrolling in any of the following programs offered at AlphaLogic:

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant Training includes learning and mastering the latest Microsoft Office applications, plus opportunities to earn two Microsoft certifications. Students also train to sharpen their business communication skills, particularly suited for office environments.

Medical Office Assistant

The Medical Office Assistant Program is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills to efficiently make use of Microsoft Office applications and get certified for two Microsoft certifications.

Advanced Office Applications

Aside from receiving extensive training in business communication, students enrolled in the Advanced Office Applications program learn the latest Microsoft Office applications to address the demands of today’s dynamic office environments.

Customer Service Excellence

One of the most in-demand, challenging and misunderstood career streams of today is customer service. Students participating in the Customer Service Excellence program learn and master the principles of customer service excellence to prepare them for real-world scenarios.

Individual Computer Courses

Students interested in specific hands-on computer learning are able to extensively apply their learning in our fully equipped computer so they not only master computer skills but also gain confidence in applying them.

GED Preparation

Students enrolled in our GED Preparation program receive in-depth lessons in math, science, reading, writing and social studies to ensure they successfully pass the GED Exam. Our above 90 percent pass rate attests to this.

Academic Upgrading in Math and English

Students who need to brush up on their mathematics and English communication skills can partake in our Academic Upgrading program prior to enrolling in a more rigorous educational program.

High School Credit Courses With Individual Instruction

AlphaLogic offers credit courses covering all Ontario Secondary School English and math subjects required for college or university programs. Our in-depth, individualized instruction ensures that each student masters the subject area they enroll in, thereby increasing their chances of passing each course they take.