Should I enroll in a career college or university program in Ontario?

January 18, 2022

When you’re looking to advance your career, there are a variety of paths that you can take that will help set you up for success. Career colleges in Ontario are a great way to help individuals get started in their careers without going through years of university programs. At AlphaLogic, we want to help you choose the best course for you and your goals, so we have six benefits of attending a career college rather than a university program to get started in your career.

Flexible schedules

Regardless of whether you choose to attend a career college or go through a university program, you have a life to live. Part of that includes a full or part-time job, paying bills, and tending to other responsibilities. It can be difficult to attend classes around your busy schedule. What’s more, the schedule of a class might not fit the timing of things you have going on in life right now.

One of the benefits of attending a career college is that you have numerous options to choose from with flexible class schedules. While this doesn’t mean that you get to attend when it’s convenient, you will get to choose when your program starts and what time of day is best for you to attend classes.

Smaller classes

For some students, big classes in a university program are nice. You can sink into the back and disappear while going through the class. However, many students prefer a smaller class because it gives them more of a chance to get to know their instructors and other students. Career colleges offer small classes sizes that are more conducive to interactive learning. These interactive classes make it easier for instructors to hold students accountable for their contributions to the class, which makes for more competent professionals.

Hands-on experience

Not everybody learns the same, but one of the best ways to learn a skill is by doing it. For instance, someone taking their vehicle to an auto mechanic is going to feel much more comfortable with someone who has hands-on experience fixing their transmission than someone who’s simply read about it. Career colleges are set up and equipped to provide students with hours of hands-on and practical experience throughout their education. You’ll be able to hit the ground running with a wealth of knowledge that comes from learning by doing.

Focused curriculum

It’s not uncommon to have to take many peripheral courses in addition to your course material when you attend a university program. While this is a great way to ensure that you’re getting a balanced and well-rounded education, having an understanding of art history doesn’t often come into play when you’re a medical assistant. You can work through a focused curriculum that will provide you with the skills necessary to perform your job well.

Instructors with real-world experience

You can be taught plenty of things by a professor who has gone through 10 years of schooling to learn about the theoretical side of practicing medicine or fixing a car engine. Still, nothing compares to learning about real-world applications. Universities have started taking this approach more often, but career colleges require instructors to have several years of experience in the field in which they’re teaching, so students are learning how their skills apply.

Enroll today

You can get started on your career path today by enrolling with AlphaLogic. We’re a career college in Ontario that offers several programs for those looking to start their career fast. You can learn more about our school and programs by calling us at 519-858-0010 or sending a message through our contact form.

Should I enroll in a career college or university program in Ontario?