New Year’s Resolution: Improve Your Career Skills in London, Ontario

December 15, 2020

It doesn’t matter if you subscribe to New Year’s resolutions or not; there’s an air of possibility and change those first few weeks in January. There’s no time like the present to capitalize on optimism. If you’ve been feeling dissatisfied at work and wondering what other options are out there for you in the world, it might be time to consider enrolling in a career college.

No matter where you are in your career, you don’t have to settle for the present. By adding new career skills to your resume, you’re getting ready for new opportunities in London, Ontario.

What are career colleges?

Traditional four-year colleges aren’t right for everyone. Students have to spend time and money on prerequisite courses irrelevant to their future course of study and career. Often, students graduate without a clear idea of what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Career colleges are the alternative to traditional liberal arts.

Many people believe the options for entering the workforce are either a four-year degree or no skills at all. However, by attending a career college, you develop relevant skills that put you ahead of the competition on a set career path. Some standard program options include:

  • Automotive service specialist.
  • Customer service excellence.
  • Dispatcher.
  • Medical office assistant.
  • GED Prep and academic excellence.

You can speak with a career counselor before enrolling to find out what program best suits your skills or what classes might enrich your current career.

How do career colleges help improve career skills?

At AlphaLogic, all of our teachers are university-educated with real-world experience. They understand the job market and the skills that employers are looking for from potential employees. What’s more, they understand education. Even if you struggled in high school, it doesn’t mean you’re not a candidate for a career college. Our instructors center their students in every lesson plan, making sure the material is accessible and worthwhile.

If you’re happy in your current career but want to secure a future promotion, try adding new career skills at a career college. Some specific skills you can learn are:

  • Word programs and Powerpoint.
  • Windows 10, Outlook, and Edge Internet.
  • Basic accounting principles.
  • Microsoft certifications.
  • Advanced customer service skills.

And you can learn these skills in just a few weeks or months. Even if you know a new job position is opening soon, by enrolling now, you can tell your employers you’re well on the way to a new, diverse set of career skills.

A college degree isn’t necessary for everyone, but it's hard to progress in your current career without a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s often the first block in a foundation of future success. It’s the first and most essential career skill you can get. At AlphaLogic, we offer:

  • High school credit courses.
  • Academic upgrading in math and English.
  • GED Preparation courses.

You can join our students who maintain a 90 percent pass rate for the GED. Once you have your high school diploma, you’ll access a new world of career potential.

If your New Year’s resolution is to further your career, enroll in classes at AlphaLogic.

At AlphaLogic, we offer career training across a range of industries and fields. If you’re eyeing a promotion or a raise, you can fine-tune your skills in your current career. Or you can prepare to enter an entirely new career field. Our experts in the careers department offer guidance and support from the very first phone call.

When you fill out our online form, you’re empowering yourself to realize a brighter future. We can help you visualize your goals and make actionable plans for achieving them. From GED prep and academic upgrading through our administrative assistant program and customer service excellence, we can put you on the path to a better career today.

Add getting new career skills in london, ontario to your New Year's resolution list.