Myths and Misconceptions About the GED

May 22, 2024

Are you thinking about taking the leap and obtaining your General Educational Development (GED) credential? This is a great next step for those looking to broaden their knowledge and position themselves for a range of exciting career opportunities.

As a renowned academic institution specializing in GED classes in Ontario CA, our team of educators at AlphaLogic Career College are here to clear up some common misconceptions that hold many individuals back from furthering their education.

Myth 1: The GED is Easier than a High School Diploma

Many people think the GED is an easy alternative to a traditional high school diploma. In reality, the GED tests cover a broad range of knowledge and skills in four different subjects: Reading and Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Like a high school diploma, these tests are designed to measure the test-taker’s abilities, using high school graduate level-knowledge as a guide. Preparing for the GED takes time and effort, which is why many individuals partake in preparation courses.

Myth 2: Employers Don’t Recognize the GED

Another myth is that employers don't value the GED as much as a high school diploma. In fact, most employers and colleges in Canada and the United States accept the GED as a valid high school equivalent. Earning a GED demonstrates that you have the same level of academic knowledge as high school graduates and that you have the determination to meet the necessary requirements.

Myth 3: The GED Limits Career Opportunities

Some believe that having a GED will limit their career opportunities compared to a high school diploma. However, the GED can actually open many doors. Many colleges, universities, and trade schools accept the GED for admission. Additionally, many careers, from healthcare to technology, recognize the GED because it shows you have essential skills and a commitment to your education and career growth.

Myth 4: Only Young People Take the GED

There is a misconception that the GED is only for young people who didn’t finish high school. While many young adults do take the GED, it is also a great option for adults of all ages. Life events like family responsibilities, financial challenges, or health issues can interrupt education. The GED provides a second chance for people of any age to achieve their educational goals and improve their job prospects. At AlphaLogic Career College, we see students of all ages and backgrounds successfully earn their GED.

Myth 5: The GED is Not Respected

Another myth is that the GED does not carry the same respect as a high school diploma. This simply isn’t true. The GED is a challenging test that measures high school-level knowledge and skills. Passing the GED shows significant achievement and dedication, qualities that are highly respected by both schools and employers. Respect for the GED continues to grow as more people understand the effort required to earn it.

Myth 6: You Can’t Go to College with a GED

Some people think that earning a GED will prevent them from going to college. In fact, many colleges and universities accept the GED instead of a high school diploma for admission. The GED is recognized as an equivalent credential, and many GED recipients go on to successfully complete college. At AlphaLogic Career College, we encourage our students to aim high and pursue further education if it fits their career goals.

If you’re looking for GED classes in Ontario, CA, AlphaLogic Career College is here to support you. Don’t let these myths and misconceptions hold you back from building on your qualifications. Contact us today to learn more about our GED preparation programs and how we can help you succeed.

Many people enrol in GED classes in Ontario, CA to ensure a successful result