Get the Most Out of Your Adult Education: 6 Career College Misconceptions Dispelled

April 24, 2020

Anyone who wants to further their education and develop necessary career skills will often end up returning to school. Adult education is particularly useful for those looking to gain new knowledge, change their career path or obtain necessary workforce skills.

In this quest for higher education — and despite their numerous benefits — career colleges such as AlphaLogic are often overlooked. There are many misconceptions concerning technical colleges that make potential students question the effectiveness of these institutions when, in reality, we offer extensive opportunities for your learning, growth and future. Let us dispel some common misconceptions about career colleges so you can determine if this is the right choice for you.

The Truth Behind Common Career College Misconceptions

  1. Career colleges are not accredited schools. Though technical colleges are often private institutions, they are still required to be registered and licensed by their province’s education ministry. In addition to this licensure, career colleges may request accreditation through various associations or accrediting agencies to ensure they are meeting the province’s program and quality standards. This means that degrees received from career colleges are just as impactful as those earned at other institutions.
  2. Career colleges lack a variety of programs. Career colleges offer a wide array of programs, certificates and diplomas to ensure you have the tools to enter an enjoyable career field. These days, educational college programs for adults include everything from administrative to medical programs, as well as opportunities such as GED prep. Find a full list of our programs here.
  3. My education won’t be as thorough. Career colleges often offer shorter programs — sometimes as short as three months — creating the common misconception that students will miss out on information and education. In reality, we teach the same things as other institutions in a shorter period of time.
  4. My degree won’t be lucrative. Many people assume that career college-educated adults are less likely to find a good-paying career. In reality, vocations such as nursing, business, the hospitality industry and IT can be much more lucrative than any entry-level job obtained with a four-year degree. Career colleges consistently focus on areas of high demand, meaning that you’re just as likely to find a fitting career — if not more so.
  5. Career colleges look bad on a résumé. They may not be as well-known as other institutions, but an accredited career college can be an asset to any resume. Additionally, most technical colleges provide internships or practicums that allow students to network and make job connections.
  6. The programs and courses are not challenging. If anything, reducing the amount of time spent in a program makes it more challenging to complete. Our programs are specifically designed to educate various means of learning, including hands-on instruction. A faster-paced program that combines a detailed study of core topics with rigorous hands-on work creates a demanding environment that promotes learning and growth.

Come Join Our Family at AlphaLogic

There are hundreds of different paths adult education can take — why not chose one that leads to a career college? If you’re looking to go back to school and develop your career, AlphaLogic Career College can help you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re seeking a career change or are looking to further your education, we offer an extensive variety of courses that will open up new opportunities for your career and life. When it comes to education, we believe there is no substitute for personalized attention, which is why we offer a student-centered environment and customized approaches to learning. Our highly educated instructors combine their extensive experience with our student-centered philosophy, creating one-of-a-kind learning opportunities.

Every year, adults like you begin their educational journey here at AlphaLogic. Come learn with us as we educate, empower and enrich each other.

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