How the experts at our college in London, ON, help students

September 17, 2020

Going back to school as an adult is a major decision, and the college you choose can have a big impact on your career success. That’s why AlphaLogic Career College in London, Ontario, has remained such a popular choice.

Our work placement specialists and educators are experts in their fields, giving you access to top-notch training and career help. In this article, we’re sharing what it’s like to work with our expert team, and how our educators will set you up for success.

Expertise in the classroom for real-world success

Our university-educated instructors are hand selected based on their real-world expertise. This means you'll not only learn the theory of your field of study, but you'll also learn practical solutions for real life.

For example, students enrolled in our Automotive Service Specialist program will master much more than repairing cars. You’ll learn the fundamentals of customer service, the latest computer programs that are used by automotive professionals, dealership management systems, and more.

Similarly, those enrolled in our Medical Office Assistant program will learn everything it takes to be a success in this field. In addition to learning medical terminology and insurance billing practices, you’ll be able to secure certifications in relevant computer programs.

We know that when you go back to school as an adult, it may feel like your life is on hold. That’s why our instructors will provide you with a variety of practical skills so you can hit the ground running once you graduate.

High-quality education for all learners

Maybe you attended university, and you decided it just wasn’t for you. Or, perhaps you felt like you couldn’t do your best because you don’t thrive in lecture-led classrooms. At our college in London, Ontario, our expert instructors understand that everyone learns at different paces. Some students also require different approaches to learning.

That’s what makes AlphaLogic Career College different: rather than forcing you to learn in a traditional environment, our instructors have a student-focused approach. We want you to succeed as much as you do, so we create supportive classroom environments where you’ll always feel comfortable asking questions.

Whether you need one-on-one help in class, or you’d like to ask questions during office hours, our instructors are here for you. This approach has helped many students achieve higher grades and secure the career they’ve dreamed about.

Work placement programs designed for your success

Our commitment to individual student success doesn’t end when you graduate. Not only do students get the advantage of learning from our top-notch educators, but they will also work with our expert team of work placement specialists.

Once you graduate from one of our programs, you’ll get the extra help you need in landing your dream job. This 12-week work placement program allows students to make contacts, network with others, develop professional relationships, showcase the skills they’ve learned, and get on-the-job experience.

Learn more about our career college in London, Ontario

AlphaLogic Career College is proud to offer unique training solutions and registered diploma programs. Our instructors are dedicated to your success, whether you’re trying to obtain your GED, or you’re ready to start a new career.

Contact us today to learn more about our career college in London, Ontario.

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