5 reasons to consider attending a Canadian career college

July 16, 2020

Do you dream about switching careers while you’re working at your day job? Do you want to pursue a different line of work, but dread spending another four years in college?

If so, a career college may be right for you.

If you want to turn a new leaf in your professional life, start a new career with AlphaLogic, a Canadian career college. Here are five benefits for you to consider.

1. You graduate in less than four years

Compared to traditional colleges, you complete your coursework much sooner.

Depending on how competitive your school and major are, you’ll take at least four years — and sometimes even longer — to graduate from a college or university.

At a career college, on the other hand, you may take a couple of years to finish up your coursework as a part-time student. And if you attend full-time, that timeline gets much shorter.

2. You get flexibility in your start date and coursework

Many career colleges offer students several start dates to choose from, so you can begin at your own pace.

Because they understand that most of their students work full-time, they also offer classes to fit every schedule. As you choose your classes, you’ll find some that take place at night, on the weekend, completely online, and — of course — during regular daytime hours.

You may even have the option of rescheduling them so that they fit better with your hectic schedule. So if you have a lot going on in your day-to-day life but still want to attend school, career colleges are a great option for you.

3. You have many programs to choose from

Regardless of the career college you choose, they all offer programs for practical and in-demand professions, so you can jump right into your career after graduation.

At AlphaLogic, you can choose one of the following career tracks:

  • Automotive service specialist
  • Administrative assistant
  • Medical office assistant
  • Dispatcher

We also offer courses to improve vital skills like customer service and computer literacy, so you can become a better job candidate regardless of your industry.

4. You get relevant, hands-on experience in your line of work

Unlike traditional colleges, which tend to focus on research and analysis, career colleges train you for the specific job you want, under close guidance from experts in your field.

There’s no need to take frivolous general education classes that have nothing to do with your line of work. Plus everything you learn is up-to-date for your industry, whereas the curriculum at traditional colleges are often outdated and irrelevant.

What you learn in your classrooms is knowledge that you can start applying today.

5. Your college helps you in your career search

Everything you learn and do at your career college helps prepare you for your new line of work, but the career perks don’t end there.

Many institutions offer career counseling for graduates, so you don’t waste any extra time on fruitless job searches. Some have even built relationships with local companies over the years, which means you have a better chance of landing a meaningful career soon after your graduation.

Get started on your new career path today

AlphaLogic is a Canadian career college located in bustling London, Ontario. We offer both customized training solutions and registered diploma programs in a variety of disciplines.

On top of that, you can take classes to improve core competencies like customer service and computer skills, as well as high school credit and GED preparation courses.

Enroll in a new course today, or contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

a woman on her first day at a Canadian career college