What you need to become a transportation dispatcher in Canada

November 1, 2021

When you’re trying to find a career that’s right for you, it’s important that you consider the requirements to get into the field as well as the skills that it takes to stay in it. For example, somebody who’s squeamish of blood wouldn't do well as an EMT or a person who doesn’t work well with their hands isn’t going to succeed as a carpenter. We’re all different, which is what makes the world work. At AlphaLogic Career College, we understand what it means to fill the workforce with qualified people, so we offer training that’s meant to fit a variety of career paths. If you’ve ever considered working as a transportation dispatcher in Canada, we have a program that will help you start your career and thrive. Read our guide below to help you understand what it takes to become a dispatcher.

High school diploma or equivalent

The most basic requirement of most programs is a high school diploma or equivalent. We tell you this because we don’t want the first step of getting into a program to be what keeps you from succeeding. In fact, we offer high school credit courses and GED preparation for those who need to complete this step before moving on.

Basic computer knowledge

Getting started as a transportation dispatcher is going to require basic computer knowledge for anyone who gets started. This could be as simple as knowing how to click around on the desktop to advanced knowledge of using and building spreadsheets and anywhere in between. Having an understanding of how to navigate a computer is essential knowledge to build on as your program will teach more computer essentials as well as internet usage and keyboard skills. You don’t have to type 60 words per minute when you start the program, but we can help you get closer to that point with the program.

Interpersonal communication skills

Interpersonal and professional communication skills are critical to working as a dispatcher because you’re constantly speaking to others. Your job is going to be to communicate efficiently with people who are either out on the road or headed out. You’ll learn how to speak directly in a professional manner so you can convey a message without filler words that waste your time and that of the driver.

Knowledge of PC Miler Software

PC Miler Software is the industry standard for those working in transportation dispatch. It’s the most extensive mapping tool that compiles complex routes, maps drop points, inserts border crossings, and calculates trips times. This tool is meant to improve communication and trip efficiency while effectively mitigating fuel costs. You’ll learn how to effectively use this software so you can more effectively serve those who drive trucks and otherwise for the organization in which you end up working after school.

CTHRC certification

Before working as a transportation dispatcher, you’re required to earn your CTHRC certification. CTHRC stands for Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council, which is the organization that maintains certification in the dispatch industry. Our courses meet all required training so you can enter the field with your essential certification.

Contact us to enroll

Don’t put off starting your career another day. Reach out to us at AlphaLogic Career College to learn more about our program to become a transportation dispatcher in Canada. We offer the necessary training and education to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful from the first day you start your new job. If you have any questions regarding enrollment or our program, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 519-858-0010 or send a message using our online contact form.

What you need to become a transportation dispatcher in Canada